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Why should we care about datafication? Critical data literacies in higher education

(Texto en inglés) The adventure of a virtual workshop led by Bonnie Stewart (UniWindsor, Canada)  & Juliana Raffaghelli (Edul@b member, UOC) at the OER20 conference. On Wednesday 1 April 2020, we (Bonnie and Juliana) joined the OER20 congress session to deliver a brief workshop based on our joint research activity. It was a bet. The congress had gone virtual due to…

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Visiting Scholar – Bonnie Stewart en el contexto del Programa Data Cultures in Higher Education dirigido por Edul@b

E-Learning Caffé – CC-BY-2.0 by Aspire-Edu (Texto en inglés) During the first week of December Edul@b will warmly welcome Prof. Bonnie Stewart. She has been exchanging ideas and jointly working with Juliana E. Raffaghelli (Edul@b member) in the topic of Faculty Development to promote a critical data culture in HE. This collaboration is placed in the…

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