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Edul@b participate in the EDEN 2020 Conference

This year the EDEN 2020 Conference, in its newly adopted virtual format, invited researchers to participate and share their work with a focus on “enhancing the human experience of learning with technology: new challenges for research in digital, open, distance & networked education”. Lourdes Guàrdia, Marcelo Maina, Derek Clougher and Federica Mancini, members of the Edul@ab team, presented the paper ‘EPICA: Using an ePortfolio to reduce the skills-gap in sub-Saharan Africa’ on the 22nd of October as part of the session ‘Digital Assessment and Certification’.

The paper presents the results of an exploratory study approach which included a literature review and stakeholders (professors, students and employers) opinions analysis on the gap between the development of employability skills of university graduates and the expectations of employers in East Africa. The paper concludes with a series of recommendations to reduce its impact.

Based on these results, suggestions are made regarding how to improve employability opportunities for recent graduate students and the steps that the African Higher Education System could take to provide these through their programs. Among them is the implementation of an innovative competency-based ePortfolio designed under the EPICA project aimed at showcasing graduates’ employability skills.

The presentation at the EDEN 2020 Conference aroused interest from fellow participants and researchers who were keen to understand the solutions proposed based on our EPICA designed ePortfolio.

For more information on the EPICA project and it’s findings you can check out the project website here.


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