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“El feedback formativo en la universidad”, a book coedited by Nati Cabrera

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It has already published, on paper and online, the book “El feedback formativo en la universidad. Experiencias con el uso de la tecnología”, a publication where the Edul@b group collaborates and which is co-editor, together with Rosa Butler, the researcher of the group Nati Cabrera. The publication has also involved the collaboration of David Carless and Elena Cano, both international figures on issues of evaluation and feedback at the university.

The book focuses on the feedback as a strategy and as a tool to promote dialogue between the actors involved in the process of the student learning and, with this, aims to encourage reflection on learning. It also affects the consideration of feedback as a process, which emphasizes not only in the information about the learning process performed but also on the actions and strategies that would be made in future tasks in order to improve it. Is what we call feedforward.

Nati 2This publication intended, on one hand, to contribute on the spreading of a particular conceptualization of feedback and feedforward and, on the other hand, to provide examples of practical application at the university, in different subjects and scenarios. Thus, the experiences presented obey a particular conception of feedback, trying to overcome the traditional view of it, and that puts the spotlight on the student himself and in the development of their capacity of self-reflection.

You can consult the online publication on this link.


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